operational excellence


Organization audits and team dynamics

Expanding or transforming your company to keep focusing on what matters most? 

Just acquired a new business and need to balance synergies with "growing pains"? 

Change is never easy, and we're here to provide a fresh look into the current level of integration, alignment and agility in your organization. 

We have done it before, and we love to work with teams to improve their performance and provide ongoing support during times of transition.

Sales Force Effectiveness

Your company is as good as the value it effectively brings to its customers, and your sales team is likely a very important link in this chain, If you want your sales team to be the most effective it can be, we can help you to optimize your sales organization, processes and tools. 

If you're ready to build or optimize your CRM ecosystem and turn customer data into powerful insight, we're happy to help you in this exciting journey as well.

Interim management

There are critical times when – unfortunately – you find yourself with an empty seat on your team. We might be able to help you until you find the right candidate in sales management, marketing, product management, business unit leadership and general management.

Planning and budgeting

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

Plans and budgets are usually a lot of work and not a lot of fun, and yet they are very important to run a healthy business. We can help you through your planning, budget and monitoring process and work with your teams to identify opportunities for optimization.