Laboratoires M2 seeking to divest animal health assets to focus on surface disinfection and crop protection


Canadian firm has pivoted its business since the onset of COVID and looking to sell global rights to animal health applications of its patented technology

SHERBROOKE, CANADA – Laboratories M2 (LM2) Inc., which has developed and patented technology to create a nano-emulsion of thymol in aqueous preparations, has decided to divest or license out its global rights in animal health.  LM2 has partnered with Montreal-based LEVOYA Inc. to find a suitable partner for the business.  Proceeds from the sale will contribute to driving further growth on the company’s established surface disinfectants and burgeoning crop protection divisions.

LM2 began selling hoof protection products for foot rot in cattle under the THYMOX brand in 2015.   THYMOX foot bath presents numerous advantages over established treatments such as copper sulfate and formaldehyde, which pose problems for users and the environment.  Says Serge Auray, President and CEO of LM2:

THYMOX disinfectants have been tested by leading independent experts and proven to be effective in a herd health management strategy, without the negative side effects of other chemical substances. As a company we would like to advance awareness and use on all fronts, but we have to make some choices and therefore we are going to transfer rights in animal health to a suitable company”.  

Digital dermatitis or foot rot is a severe condition which impact cattle – in particular dairy cattle – and causes economic losses and animal welfare issues.  It is estimated that the disease causes in excess of 1 B$ of losses worldwide annually and is at the root of lameness problems in 20% of dairy cows.

LM2 has current commercial and manufacturing partners in North America and Asia, and will transfer those relationships as part of a deal.

The transaction would see the buyer or licensee acquire 100% of the global rights in all animal health applications, including on-animal and surface treatment of animal husbandry facilities.  The preferred deal structure would be on a perpetual, royalty-free basis, and would involve transferring all commercial and manufacturing relationships and related intellectual property, as well as all development projects.  The THYMOX brand would remain property of LM2, but the buyer would be free to use it if they wish.  LM2 will continue to market under the THYMOX brand in its other segments.

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About Laboratories M2:

LM2 is a private Canadian biochemical company dedicated to providing effective, safe and environmentally friendly disinfectants.  THYMOX products are sold and used around the world for livestock, professional disinfection and crop protection.  LM2 was founded in 2003.  THYMOX products are certified Hospital Grade and are registered by the EPA and Health Canada. AlgaEnergy, global leader in microalgae biotechnology, has the exclusive rights to distribute the THYMOX crop protection product line through AlgaEnergy’s business units in key agricultural markets in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia-Pacific.

About THYMOX™ technology

THYMOX products are protected by numerous patents and provide safe, effective and economical solutions to eliminate infectious pathogens.  THYMOX technology is based on a nano-emulsion of thymol which renders the active almost 100% available.  


LEVOYA Inc. is a consulting firm based in Montreal, Canada and focused on animal health and adjacent industries.  LEVOYA acts as advisor in M&A (buy and sell), licensing and business partnering and corporate strategy.

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